Who, what, when, where, how, and why?

dang! now that be complex for a person like me. I’m jus an O’fart with time on my hands not grease tat luv to reminisce here under this walnut tree. It’s bout 1080 miles from Washington D. C. the way the crows fly and only a few miles from one of them ther oldest towns of the fifty States in the greatest union God put on this Earth.

There be a dang right shame of the words ethics, morality and morals being put on the back burner and the nincompoops in D. C. use euphemisms and dysphemism and I don’t indorse either. I’m bout sophisticated as axle grease on square ball bearing but jus about ……………now! some dipstick reading this will be saying to them self….that O’ fart mis-spelt indorse.

See, I wus rite. Most that surf the web are jus looking at pictures, articles, blogs and such so they can take delight out of saying “People sure are dumb” not realizing how prudish, ill-educated they are in thinking like that.

Kinda like who invented factitious and fictitious ……one can always be by you but the other is always by a friend. Dang! Here I am meditating at how corn can get me three sheets in the wind while I’m cutting eye’s from taters and I’ll be dip……..fakir playing with cowboys again……this crap needs to ferment a spell longer.

How…..well time will take care of that and I got it right here on my hands.

Hyperbole is the why but with what is going on in the World now that word went out with the bath water. What happen to people playing “42”, neighbors helping neighbors on hog killing days, planting crops by the signs and buttermilk and cornbread in a mason jar, laying a penny on a railroad track to watch a big locomotive flatten like a pancake, and having a cork bobble in and out of the water fishing for white perch.

If these few paragraphs have been ineffectual in weblogging my profile for all to see maybe you need to get your feet off that fast track that is going nowhere….show your kids how to bait a hook and find a nice shade tree.

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